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The most important investment in NDT is in the human resources part of it. NDT is not only about equipment, but even more about the practitioners operating the equipment and interpreting the results. Proper training and certification is paramount to this aspect. Each newly developed NDT technique leads to another more effective one that may be adapted for purpose and finally implemented effectively. Effective implementation is achieved only through proper up-to-date training and certification for even the most conventional NDT techniques.


Instructor Extraordinaire Tom Scales & RD Basrawi at a Projector Maintenance Training Course put on by ASNT-SAS in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia

ASNT Level III Examination in Region 19

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ASNT wants all ASNT certificate holders, clients of certificate holders, industry sector stakeholders, NDT suppliers, and the public to feel confident that ASNT certifications, despite the problems plaguing PCN certifications, have not been compromised and are issued with the highest degree of validation and integrity.

The British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing (BINDT) made ASNT immediately aware of the recent breaches in security and malpractice at a few training and examination facilities administering the PCN certification program. ASNT is taking this matter seriously and is staying vigilant through consistent updates from BINDT and proactive inquiries in mitigating any subsequent impact to ASNT.

ASNT has always maintained strict testing site standards. This is the reason why ASNT has, historically, only allowed certain organizations to schedule and administer examinations in approved locations. Approximately 2 years ago, ASNT began an online platform focusing on integrity, increased security, scheduling flexibility and convenience to our members and certificate holders.

To stave off any possibility of impropriety or security breaches, ASNT implemented computer-based testing (CBT) as the only means of examination. The U.S. roll-out was in summer of 2016. The international roll-out was completed in December 2016.

ASNT is the first - and remains the only - NDT society to make online applications, credential submissions, examination scheduling, and secured CBT an operating model; thus, the most globally respected and accepted NDT certification in the world.

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